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17/04/2014 - Wholesale VoIP to create new revenue streams for Optus partners
VoIP protocol is now available to Optus’s wholesale customers. Optus’ current partners and upcoming Cloud resellers are set to gain from its ipPhone express app.

17/04/2014 - Is a sensible communications network of things really an Internet?

Technology analysts and writers imagine a world where you, your car and your toaster all have Facebook pages. Engineers see the future somewhat differently.

14/04/2014 - Verizon Challenged on their VoIP Shift
A consumer advocacy group has recently challenged Verizon for forcing their customers to shift to VoIP and wireless services from the traditional telephone services. The complaint was filed by The Utility Reform Network (TURN).

08/04/2014 - VoIP Portal: Velocity’s New Addition to The Telecom Sector
Velocity VoIP has recently launched a VoIP Portal that is said to facilitate easy access to all the services that Velocity offers to its customers. Velocity, being a major provider of hosted VoIP switching and billing solutions for most VoIP services providers, has just brought their services closer to their customers.

01/04/2014 - Top 3 business VoIP providers recently announced the top 3 business VoIP providers. The criteria used considered additional enhancements, customer satisfaction among others to come with the list of the best business VoIP providers.

24/03/2014 - WebRTC And P2P Data Distribution

From the earliest days of hearing what WebRTC can mean to telecom I have been talking with people in various parts of the world about the Peer 2 Peer CDN approach, and finally, it’s gaining steam. Last Friday, Dean Bubley of Disruptive Analysis penned a piece going into detail what a P2P CDN approach would mean to WebRTC. One company that is in the space that could win big is a little known company out of Israel called Peer5 as their technology sits squarely in the WebRTC CDN space that Dean called out in the post. 

Give Dean’s post a read and share your thoughts on the whole P2P WebRTC CDN space.

16/03/2014 - CounterPath Simplifies Things-Makes Getting Bria Working Easier

Image representing CounterPath Corporation as ...Image via CrunchBase

Last week CounterPath made an announcement that in my mind makes it easier for enterprise IT leads to install and manage Bria. In essence they have brought Skype like username and password signup/configuration approach to get more users online faster.

Here are the key facts:

1. Bria Cloud Solution suite- It provides a fully provisioned, unified communication solution for small and medium businesses.

2. It's a subscription-based offering that enables IT managers to easily deploy, manage and provision softphone clients across all desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

3. CounterPath’s Bria Cloud provide's a fully featured softphone software client that is always up-to-date with the latest product features and updates

4. Bria installations are automatically provisioned on the CounterPath Client Configuration Server (CCS), and can be managed directly from the cloud via the a cloud based customer subscription portal store.

The big benefit is getting Bria installed more quickly onto mobile smartphone and  tablet by simplifying the distribution and emulating the requirement for individual employees to pay and expense the Bria.
This also enables managed deployment of Bria via the CCS – because history has shown that the majority of users do not know what a SIP login, codec, NAT setting, etc. is and want to simply have a Skype like set up experience. There, all they do is enter “user name and password”.  
Todd Carothers' EVP at CounterPath summed it up:
  • The IT person in charge goes to the CounterPath store and purchases on a subscription basis the number of clients needed for their SMB/Enterprise
  • Via the CCS – the IT person sets up a template and specifies what users have access to the clients and CCS (we can set device limiters too - i.e. Only one client per user (or user group) vs. another group that can have three).
  • Users download the Bria CCS app for free on iTunes / play.
  • Users just enter their user name and password – and the client downloads the settings and just works.
That’s it. Everything is managed via a subscription portal. 
Todd also tells me that next on thelist is to open to VARs so they can fulfill their own customers via CounterPath's store fulfillment. No other client vendor is doing this  giving CounterPath a big advantage to reach into a new market – the SMBs.



13/03/2014 - 5 Top Residential VoIP Providers in 2014
There are several competing VoIP providers that make the service available at affordable rates to residential users. 

06/03/2014 - Sprint inches closer to voice-over-LTE, selecting Broadsoft for VoIP
In addition to the VoIP service that Sprint provides, Broadsoft’s server will enable them to add layers on messaging, video and other IP communications which is a move in the right direction and commendable.

24/02/2014 - Bolt VoIP app with support for regular calls launches at the Play Store
One may find VoIP a bit troublesome because using it requires a user to sign up to the service and in order to share the experience of using it with friends and family, one has to sort of market the service or maybe put in some effort to get them on board. That is not all; using VoIP across different services may also be an up-hill task but Bolt intends to make life on VoIP easier and maybe something to look more forward to.

20/02/2014 - Spotlight: SIP Trunking myths debunked

Wait--SIP Trunking is two decades old?

11/02/2014 - C3 VoIP-150 Announced By Cambium Networks
Cambium Networks, a worldwide broadband provider released the C3 VoIP-150 - a new analog telephone adaptor (ATA) that connects analogue telephones to digital VoIP telephone system.

06/02/2014 - VoXox Makes an Acquisition

San Diego's own VoxOx has acquired has international calling service PokeTALK from E Mobile, Inc As part of the deal PokeTALK will transfer its technology, intellectual property, and partnership agreements with Datawind, Digital Delivery Networks, Inc. (DDNI), Expansys, Hewlett Packard (HP), Lenovo, Medion, and Samsung Electronics to Voxox. Personally I've never tried PokeTalk but like so many VoIP services this is an OTT play and brings VoXox to browsers..

Given the web browser capabilities of PokeTalk and the lack of that capability previously at VoXox its likely the purchase will speed up the companies efforts with WebRTC.

According to VoXox "PokeTALK has been enabling consumers to make international calls through Web-based and mobile applications (iOS, Android).  The PokeTALK service is also accessible on various tablets and laptops through a link preloaded by the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)."  


30/01/2014 - Verizon’s IP VoIP Interconnection Game
With the recent signing of IP VoIP interconnection terms by Verizon and four other new service providers, competitor have raised concerns about the non-disclosure agreement they are required to sign. This agreement gives the four service providers an opportunity to access Verizon’s IP Interconnection union which will provide a nationwide accord with other service providers that want to exchange VoIP traffic.

23/01/2014 - Epik Networks Predicts the Emergence of Mobile VoIP Service Providers in 2014
With the services of mobile VoIP providers in 2014, businesses will be able to reduce phone costs as well as come up with better communication solutions.

21/01/2014 - Verizon Signs Agreements for Four IP VoIP Interconnections despite Continuous Regulatory Issues
Verizon has reached an agreement with four new service providers for IP VoIP program, though it has to overcome numerous regulatory challenges. The company has made agreements for IP VoIP interconnections with Comcast, Vonage as well as six other providers.

13/01/2014 - The USPTO Offers an Issue Date For Mobile Gateway Patent for VoIP-Pal.Com
The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) have finally offered an issue notification to for its mobile gateway patent. The issue date is set for January 14th 2014.

17/12/2013 - Velocity VoIP Uses PortaOne and OpenCNAM to Offer Caller ID to Wholesale/Retail Customers in Seconds
Velocity VoIP is one of the most innovative hosted VoIP infrastructure providers out there. In 2011, the Boca Raton, Florida-based company took a major step in its quest by choosing PortaOne PortaSwitch Procinctus. This is PortaOne’s fully redundant and high capacity product and is its core convergent softswitch billing software.

04/12/2013 - Thoughts on WebRTC and OTT Services

Just about two weeks ago I was attending the ITU Telecom World where I joined Dean Bubley's panel and then moderating the TADS Summit in Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkok is an interesting place and my mobile experience, not only with a SIM but seeing how mobile centric that part of the world is, even more than what I experience in Europe or the USA exposed me to a lot of new ideas, as the TADS Summit served to reaffirm many forward looking ideas I've had about WebRTC and OTT.

The biggest concept I heard expressed was "Fast Fail" an approach that developer and early stage entrepreneurs have taken on. Being the optimist, I immediately spun that into the idea of succeed soon. And that's where WebRTC is. It has to succeed soon and the companies working to develop new method of communications have to learn that failing fast doesn't mean giving up. It means doing it better, and succeeding sooner.

OTT apps like WhatsApp and Line have succeeded soon and continue to grow. They are taking revenue away from the major telcos on one side (the SMS market) but at the same time shifting costs to other networks or the network side of the telco, while reducing the telcos labor and overhead cost. 

Thus I would contend that OTT services like WebRTC don't really replace the carrier, they simply shift the burden of operating and delivering the service from the service provider to being the carrier while someone else operates the service. This is not much different from a concessionaire serving food inside a stadium while the landlord collects a piece of the action without having to buy the food or staff the stands.

The more a carrier opens up their network to OTT players and lets them take on the burden of building the audience, managing the relationship, and the less marketing the carrier or mobile operator has to do, the more profitable they can become because they can invest in technology that makes them better and more competitive versus their competitors, while providing the best field of play for the newcomers who use software and smarts vs. hardware and brawn to power their business.

The best and most profitable carriers will be the ones who embrace the new OTT players, find ways to incorporate WebRTC technology into their platforms or simply open up their pipe and network to let them in so they can carry more traffic.

Isn't that what carriers should be doing?  

21/11/2013 - Hosted VoIP Choices Extended By Snom
Snom has stated its 7xx series of SIP-based IP endpoints which has received certification to work with Class 5 Softswitch and IPsmarx' multi-tenant IP-PBX platform.

18/11/2013 - EPC Opts for Ontario VOIP firm Instead of MTS
Calls to retender a contract worth about $6 million that was awarded to an Ontario firm were rejected by a city committee, despite protests from MTS, the losing bidder.

14/11/2013 - The Future of Telecom Is Next Week In Bangkok

Bangkok may be one of the last places you would think is where the future of telecommunications would be happening, as it's not exactly where one thinks of as a tech hot bed. But the 2013 ITU Telecom World is there, and that's where the newly minted TADS Summit will also be held.

While the ITU event is more about the establshed setting the future, the TADS Summit will be where the future gets statred. The two events, overlapping, and featuring many of the same participants will provide the framework for innovation. I'll be there, so keep an eye on this space for news.

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05/11/2013 - 3D VoIP Video Calling Technology Announced By Ozeki
Ozeki has announced its next generation VoIP technology Ozeki Phone System XE, a software that made the company the first in the world to offer 3D video calls utilizing VoIP.

31/10/2013 -

As we wind down fall and head into winter I'll be heading to Asia for two very important conferences and congresses. The ITU has asked me to be a part of the Dean Bubley led disucssion on Telcos and OTT-so off I go to Bangkok and that esteemed event in November.

That's immediately followed by what may be the most defining event about application development and Telcos ever organized, the TADS Summit. Long time peer Alan Quayle asked me to be a chair of a tract, but he's done the heavy lifting pulling together a really stellar group of knowledge leaders--those who are really doing it, not just talking about it, when it comes to how APIs and Apps are changing telecom as we know it. 

If you look at this holistically, the two events in Bangkok during the same week blend the old with the new. While the ITU will not have many of the upstarts and disruption minded, TADS will.

09/10/2013 - TDS Achieves Prestigious Polycom Choice Partner - Platinum Status
TDS Telecommunication announced that it has been named as Polycom’s platinum level choice partner. Polycom is the international standards-based unified communications and collaborations. TDS has joined the selected group of VOIP providers in achieving the platinum status for the fourth year in a row. This status is achieved by less than 5% of service providers and it is based on their level of expertise, performance and experience.

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