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14/04/2014 - Verizon enhances multi-cloud play with Secure Cloud Interconnect service

Verizon is tapping into the emerging bring your own cloud trend by allowing its Private IP service the opportunity to connect to multiple cloud services with its new Secure Cloud Interconnect, or SCI, service.

10/04/2014 - VMware makes Office 2013 run in the cloud on an iPad desktop

Suddenly the virtue of native applications doesn't count for much, as apps that think they're running on Windows are made to fit quite nicely on Apple's hardware.

03/04/2014 - Interop: Xilinx realizes the dream of programmable SDN data planes

Should the data plane element of an SDN be a dumb switch or a smart gate array? This week at Interop, FPGA producer Xilinx makes a strong case for the latter--a case that may fly in the face of OpenFlow's best-laid plans.

31/03/2014 - Synergy Research: Equinix, NTT lead the North America, APAC colocation markets

Equinix has maintained its strong lead in the colocation market, including a dominant presence in both North America and EMEA, while NTT took the top spot in the APAC region in Q4 2013.

31/03/2014 - New IoT industry group dreams of IP addresses for thermostats, pills, plywood

One of the benefits of an Internet of Things from a tech manufacturer's perspective is that it could make anything--a business card, a tree trunk, a facial tissue--into a potential customer.

13/03/2014 - Level 3's Storey: The majority of our growth comes from our execution

CEO Jeff Storey told investors Level 3 Communications has the right tools to compete for new enterprise customers and to keep existing ones happy--all while expanding network presence in Northern California.

10/03/2014 - Japanese scalable public cloud gains a foothold on US shores

In a move to compete more directly against Amazon in the U.S. market, the world's 29th largest company opened up its cloud infrastructure service to U.S. customers Thursday.

06/03/2014 - Spotlight: Database choices--NoSQL or NewSQL?

Traditional databases are prima donnas and resource hogs, writes Nick Booth on CloudPro. Hard to argue--though several of his supporting sources have every monetary incentive to shovel dirt on the mainframe's grave.

03/03/2014 - Spotlight: Inside American Hustle's surprisingly sophisticated, cloud-based special effects

GigaOm's Barb Darrow finds a lot of CGI special effects work behind the screen--much of it an ideal use case for public cloud.

03/03/2014 - More analysis of security in an SDN world

At last week's RSA security conference in San Francisco, Robert Hinden offered a presentation looking at potential security risks, as well as some possible benefits.

03/03/2014 - Windstream sharpens SMB cloud focus with new partner strategy

Windstream is giving its channel partners more tools to pursue potential cloud service opportunities in the small to medium business market that's often overlooked by larger incumbent competitors.

27/02/2014 - Going public: 'Easy' wins and low-hanging fruit for moving to public clouds

Thinking about public cloud? Don't overthink it--and don't start with mission-critical applications. Of course.

24/02/2014 - Level 3 gives enterprises private connection to Microsoft Azure cloud

FierceEnterpriseCommunications interviewed Paul Savill at Level 3 Communications on the higher dedicated speeds and security benefits of providing a private network option to Microsoft's Window Azure.

20/02/2014 - Alcatel-Lucent turns up NFV volume supporting mobile networks

Alcatel-Lucent announced this week that it has rebuilt a number of services running on its CloudBand platform.

10/02/2014 - Monitoring clouds? Call for third-party reinforcements

Monitoring clouds? For that you'll want to turn to third-party solutions, David Cartwright of CloudPro says.

10/02/2014 - Spotlight: Gartner revisits OpenDaylight skepticism

In hindsight Lerner stands by that critique--but also notes that moving forward, open-source SDN software will be a boon to the industry. No matter what got left in its wake.

06/02/2014 - OpenDaylight 'gets real' with first SDN software release

The OpenDaylight Project announced the first release of its open-source Software Defined Networking software, dubbed Hydrogen.

06/02/2014 - Multi-cloud toolkits for avoiding vendor lock-in

Getting scrambled in the cloud computing context might mean seeing your vendor go out of business or something less dramatic, such as poor service, a data breach, unmet service level agreements or a simple lack of leverage in price negotiations. 

06/02/2014 - So the Cloud and Enterprise guy is going to run Microsoft

The practical impact of Nadella's selection for enterprise IT buyers won't be known for some time. So much the better for poorly supported speculation!

03/02/2014 - Sprint adds Microsoft Lync to its cloud-based UC solution, enhances mobile workforce trend

Sprint is helping business customers simplify their movement into the bring your own device trend by adding Microsoft Lync to its Complete Collaboration cloud-based unified communications solution.

03/02/2014 - IBM shopping its SDN business?

According to Re/Code, IBM's sale of its x86 server business to Lenovo wasn't the last shoe.

03/02/2014 - Open Compute Project tackles networking, gradually

The Open Compute Project, originally born at Facebook, is aimed at simplifying enterprise computing "in preparation for the hyperscale future," as Arthur Cole writes on Enterprise Networking Planet.

30/01/2014 - Enterprise service architecture for mobile era

Do we really need a distinct branch of Enterprise Architecture to address mobile computing needs?

30/01/2014 - Amazon's new 'WorkSpaces' provides cheaper VDI than you ever will (but so what?)

Two of the knocks on desktop virtualization have been cost and complexity. Big DaaS providers (that's Desktops as a Service) like Amazon's new Amazon WorkSpaces can build your VDI infrastructure much cheaper than you can, argues Brian Madden.

27/01/2014 - Enterprise communications: In the cloud or on-premise?

Deploying enterprise communications in the cloud makes sense in many regards. However, as Robert Lee Harris points out, "nothing is as unforgiving to a slow network connection as real-time voice and video services." So service levels are of paramount importance, and in some instances the cloud is not the right solution.

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