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20/01/2011 - IPsmarx Releases New Line of VoIP Mobile Dialers for iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile
IPsmarx announced the release of Breeze, their new line of VoIP Mobile Dialers that can be used with smartphones, such as the iPhone, Windows Mobile, and Android devices.

07/01/2009 - fring Mobile VoIP Gets WinMo Approval

Microsoft has awarded fring's mobile VoIP application its “Designed for Window Mobile” certification.
The approval is the latest for fring, which has been working to develop its popular IM/ VOIP application for different platforms.

13/11/2008 - World's First WiMax/GSM Mobile Supports VoIP

HTC has announced the launch of the MAX 4G, the first dual-mode WiMax/GSM Windows Mobile device.
Undoubtedly the best specced WinMo device so far, calls between MAX 4Gs will automatically be routed over the WiMAX airwaves using VoIP.

29/10/2008 - iSkoot is First VoIP Application in Android Market

iSkoot has announced that its mobile application, iSkoot for Skype, is launching in the Android Market.
It is the first VoIP solution available on Google’s new mobile application store.
Available immediately for download, iSkoot for Skype also runs on nearly all major mobile platforms, including J2ME, S60v3, UIQ, Palm, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry.

17/09/2008 - i2Telecom Unveils MyGlobalTalk Smartphone Application

i2Telecom International, Inc, a developer of VoIP products and services, has announced the launch of MyGlobalTalk for BlackBerry and Windows Mobile users.
The software allows uses Internet telephony to make international and long distance cellular calls independent of wireless carrier, smartphone handset make, or voice/data plan for as low as two cents per minute anywhere in the world.

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