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18/08/2011 - Data center power outage caused massive Ooma outage Wednesday

Popular VoIP provider Ooma saw its entire network collapse Wednesday morning, but said it was back up some seven hours later.

During the outage, no inbound or outbound calls were possible, nor were any forwarding numbers working.

Ooma initially said it was unsure what caused the problem, but later in the day said its service was interrupted following a network outage due to an "extremely rare power failure" at a portion of its data center. The power failure, Ooma said on its blog, also affected several other companies.

The company said it, and its data service provider, are "taking steps to ensure this will not happen again."

Ooma said the actual network outage only lasted three hours, but said the service interruption caused excessive traffic to the Ooma corporate site causing a brief denial of service.

is isn't the first time the company has been hit with a big outage. Back in April 2009, the company said its Internet service provider --Internap--was to blame for an outage put the service down for six hours.

Internap denied it was the cause, but Ooma nonetheless added a second upstream Internet provider, double the capacity of its provisioning systems to help accelerate the rate of recovery in the event of an outage, and plan a second data center in the Midwest/East Coast.

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17/09/2010 - Ooma Introduces New Mobile App Calling Plan Option
Ooma announced that it is now offering a new Ooma Mobile calling plan that allows users to talk for 1,000 minutes for less than $5 per month. The Ooma Mobile application lets Ooma customers make U.S. and international calls from their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

25/05/2010 - Ooma Bluetooth Adapter Integrates Mobile and Home Phones
Ooma has released the Ooma Bluetooth Adapter that allows Ooma Telo Premier subscribers further integration of their mobile phones with their home phone systems.

08/09/2009 - IT EXPO West - A look at ooma's Telo and future plans

LOS ANGELES - Rich Buchanan, CMO of VoIP device manufacturer ooma, gave me a demo and look at the Telo product the company is launching October 1 to replace its first-generation Hub offering and discussed more upcoming product launches. The Telo has suffered some setbacks, as it debuted at CES in January and originally was slated for a launch in the first half of 2009.

Buchanan said the Telo has a faster processor and will be less expensive to manufacture than the Hub, which means ooma can offer the Telo at $250, the same price as the Hub. He said the company plans on launching a business offering in the first half of 2010, which will be distributed through big box business retailers like Staples and Office Depot. Ooma's business play will be aimed at very small businesses that need four or fewer lines.

Buchanan said the company plans on rolling out Bluetooth and SIP trunking capabilities to the product line, will exceed 100,000 devices sold by the year's end, and is fast approaching profitability. The company is fresh of raising $18 million in June and has racked up quite a cadre of distribution deals, including ones with RadioShack, Best Buy and Costco. 

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29/06/2009 - ooma updates funding total, eyes profitability

VoIP device maker ooma said its funding announcement was weeks away before Tech Crunch broke the news last week, but ooma Chief Marketing Officer Rich Buchanan said the company's actual amount of funding was more than 30 percent larger than first reported. Buchanan said the final funding amount is still being determined, but the company has already raised $18.3 million in this round, which, Buchanan said, will give the company enough capital to reach profitability by the end of 2009. Initial reports said ooma, which offers free home VoIP service after a device purchase, raised only $14 million in the new round.

Buchanan said the company will use the funding round to increase marketing and sales efforts, as well as to scale its engineering department for new product development.

Buchanan said 26 percent of the company's user base now have signed up for ooma Premier, the company's value-added service plan. It costs either $12.99 per month or $99.99 per year and includes features like a free second phone line, three-way conferencing and find-me dialing. He added that distribution deals with Radio Shack and Best Buy have increased sales significantly, and said he thinks the company is on track for an eventual public stock offering.

"I believe we're building a very profitable business, and we're going to continue to acquire customers and provide them needed services," Buchanan said.

The distribution deals certainly will help the company pursue Buchanan's prediction; in the past three months, ooma has tripled its sales endpoints from 1,600 to nearly 5,000, according to Buchanan. 

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