Kolmisoft and 5gFuture to deliver next-generation visual monitoring capabilities

Monday 15th April 2013 - 15:05

Billing software MOR and 5gVision, an advanced VoIP & SNMP monitoring system, are both set to be fully integrated by Kolmisoft to provide powerful, next-gen visualized monitoring tools.

The solution comes in response to customer data accumulated by MOR. The new features will provide current and future customers with powerful new tools to allow for a wide-spectrum of capabilities. Many of these new features will be some which may not even be expected. Over 30 parameters will be consistently monitored to provide consistently updated information that can be easily looked over by customers.

Just a few parameters listed will be things like the percent of short calls and percentage of various disconnect codes encountered when calling out. Additional statistics made available to customers surround pricing and profits.

The primary tool used in the new model, 5gVision bases the new reports and statistics on highly elaborate statistics which are all pre-calculated. The calculations come for around the clock monitoring of all points used in call routing. The results have so far been stunning resulting in a very high volume of data collection over the span of only weeks to a month. The new tool provides a flexible alternative to watching connections all the time.

VoIP providers that take on the new MOR billing and routing technology will ultimately allow additional services to customers. The added functionality provided by MOR allows providers to easily begin managing new business models such as termination of services. Telephony will be expanded to further retailers and residents, even allowing such features as calling cards and call shops. The features require no additional equipment and offer one a single solution to manage any type of business model.

According to Andrew Han, CEO of LUCA Technology GmbH, transparency was integrated into his business model instantly. Han has made it clear that monitoring the softswitch has become a nearly instant process. He mentioned that the software has provided a model to see exactly where things are headed and how things like the number of active calls, short calls and profits are evolving over the span of time.

Kolmisoft specializes in providing advanced billing and routing resolutions and services around the globe. Komisoft has made MOR a solution to expand VoIP into areas such as business without allowing room for risks.

5gFuture is a specialized software design firm based out of Toronto, Canada with the primary goal of creating innovative, next generation monitoring tools.
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