F5 Networks and Riverbed Technology (Nasdaq: RVBD) have removed a barrier to enterprises adopting private cloud services by supporting virtual versions of their application delivery controller (ADC) appliances on Amazon's (Nasdaq: AMZN) Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), according to a report by Light Reading.

Riverbed announced its plans before Thanksgiving, while F5 is waiting until after the long weekend, the report related.

In its announcement, Riverbed said it plans to make available its Stingray Traffic Manager ADC software with support for Amazon VPC so enterprise customers can deploy applications either within a single availability zone or over an entire hybrid environment and third-party data centers.

The Stingray Traffic Manager is available through the Amazon Web Services Marketplace with a number of options, including the Stingray Aptimizer WCO technology and Stingray Application Firewall's app-aware technology for improved security, the company said.

Bob Gilbert, director of marketing at Riverbed Technology, explained in a blog that the initiative is an expansion of the Stingray virtual offering that was first launched on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) in 2009.

Customers of ADC providers want to see Amazon cloud supported, Lori MacVittie, F5's senior technical manager, told Light Reading. "It's an environment customers are already familiar with, from a management standpoint. Many of their lab developments went to Amazon because it's easy," she said.

A virtualized ADC can create a single virtual point where enterprise network traffic can be tested to determine the health of the network, MacVittie said. That point was previously created by a network firewall and load balancer. "This concept has worked so well in the past that if it is applied intelligently, it can work again. But you can't just have one physical point, not really," she said.

MacVittie told Light Reading that F5 is new to Amazon because its BIG-IP system could not run on EC2 since it transmits its management signaling on a network connection separate from the traffic handling. The appliance uses two network connections and only VPC supports multiple network interface controllers, she explained.

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