World IPv6 Day buzz has begun

Tuesday 29th May 2012 - 15:45


The calendar is almost ready to be flipped over to June, and in Internet and enterprise IT circles that can mean only one thing--World IPv6 Day is near.

June 6, one week from tomorrow, is the Internet Society's World IPv6 Day, which means we can expect that next week or so to be filled with announcements of how various companies are participating in the IPv6 transition effort. It also mean we can expect a lot of sobering reports about how slowly that transition is happening, and how much of the world remains focused on IPv4 and unmoved by the move to IPv6.

Late last week, Government Computer News reported that some government agencies are relying on dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 models for now, which complicates the security measures that must be taken to protect such enterprises. Also, Network Address Translation technology has helped some companies prolong the life of IPv4, leading to the likelihood that companies could continue to support both even after introducing IPv6.

Also last week, InformationWeek reported results of a survey that showed only 5 percent of respondents currently support IPv6, while 38 percent of respondents said they have no plans to use IPv6 in the foreseeable future.  That latter figure is down just 1 percentage point from a previous survey, which may demonstrate just how slowly IPv6 is winning converts.

For more:
 - see the GCN report
 - see the InformationWeek post

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