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Logo 125x125Vonage UK is offering consumers unlimited calls to India from the UK, has also proven to be a big hit with businesses that have strong connections with India.

V-plan 4i – a new concept in telecommunications

Recognising the wide-ranging and extensive business and personal ties between the two countries, Vonage was the first UK phone service provider to introduce a package offering unlimited calls to India. Since its launch in November 2009, many businesses have benefited from this innovative service. D'zine Interactive, a UK-based international brand communication and digital agency, experienced immediate benefits from the package.

With offices in the UK, US and India, D’zine uses Vonage’s service to communicate between offices and with their customers. “Since we signed up with Vonage our team has been able to communicate more closely and frequently; collaboration is deeper and more creative when we’re not watching the clock,” said Vernon. “It has transformed the way D’zine does business and makes the company look more professional.”

Broadband – the new phone line for calling with or without a computer

VoIP works by using your Internet broadband connection rather than a standard landline to make international calls, but you don’t even need to use a computer to make a call – with a simple add-on to your normal landline phone, VoIP calls can be made using an ordinary telephone.

V-plan 4i is what the international business community has been waiting for.

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