Testing, Testing, Testing

Sunday 17th May 2009 - 21:47


A lot of times applications come out for handsets that are in need of testing, but too often the testing is done in house and that leads to all kinds of issues.

Two companies I've come across of late that offer an interesting virtual model are:




Nexperience was recently profiled on while I first discovered Mob4Hire as one of the hot companies at UnderTheRadar last November in Mountain View.

Both seem to be pursuing the concept of being a cloud based, crowd sourced model. Mob4Hire seems to be very fun and energetic as a brand while Nexperience has a more buttoned up approach to their presentation.

In my view services like these are only the tip of the iceberg of virtual work forces and distance workers making up a knowledge based economy.

Score one more for the 'Net.

Source: AndyAbramson
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Andy Abramson
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