Twitter = CB Radio

Monday 20th April 2009 - 02:36


Alec Saunders labels Twitter a Megaphone.

I call it CB radio. Here's why

1. Everyone has a handle

2. There is no continuous thread of one person talking-translation-someone walks all over you

3. Every word is searchable, meaning it has many "channels"

4. Some people are anchors just like channel hogs in the CB era

5. Some people are on it night and day, just like CB radio

6. Some user find ways to "sell" via their Tweets, so did many

8. Conversations can go on for days, with no end

Source: AndyAbramson
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Andy Abramson
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  1. Norman ( 21/04/2009 06:06:57 )
    I disagree that Twitter is the CB Radio of this decade -- an analogy a client asked me about before for the following reasons:
    * CB radio required specific equipment. Twitter can be accessed by a number of different ways, desktop and mobile, dedicated clients and the Internet. You don't need to purchase special equipment to use Twitter.
    * CB radios were used in cars, primarily by truckers and drivers. Twitter can be used anywhere by anyone.
    * CB radio conversations took place in real-time only. Twitter can be real-time but also lets people comment when they want to. You can even schedule tweets to hit at a later time.
    * While CB radio captured society's attention -- spawning top 40 songs, TV shows and movies (Smokey & Bandit) but quickly seemed to have a limit of users. Twitter has quickly captured the media's attention, but the growth of the Twitter userbase seems to be accelerating.
    * CB radio conversations frequently discussed road conditions. Twitter conversations cover business and personal and everything in between.
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